Rust Essentials: Discover how to use Rust to write fast, by Ivo Balbaert

By Ivo Balbaert

Approximately This Book

Learn how you can create safe and blazingly quick courses in Rust
Start operating with Rust in a multicore and dispensed environment
Explore the middle features of Rust - defense, functionality, and concurrency - to construct errors unfastened and strong code

Who This ebook Is For

This ebook is meant for software program builders drawn to platforms point and alertness programming, and are trying to find a brief access into utilizing Rust and figuring out the middle good points of the framework. it truly is assumed that you've got a easy knowing of Java, C#, Ruby, Python or JavaScript.

What you are going to Learn

Set up your Rust atmosphere for optimum productivity
Bridge the functionality hole among secure and hazardous languages with Rust
Use development matching to create versatile code
Apply generics and features to boost broadly appropriate code
Organize your code in modules and crates
Build macros to increase Rust's services and reach
Apply threads to take on difficulties at the same time and in allotted environments
Interface with C and isolate dangerous code

In Detail

Starting via evaluating Rust with different programming languages, this publication will express you the place and the way to exploit Rust. it is going to talk about primitive varieties besides variables and their scope, binding and casting, uncomplicated capabilities, and how one can keep an eye on execution circulation in a program.

Next, the publication covers versatile arrays, vectors, tuples, enums, and structs. you are going to then generalize the code with higher-order capabilities and generics using it to closures, iterators, shoppers, etc. reminiscence security is ensured by way of the compiler by utilizing references, guidelines, containers, reference counting, and atomic reference counting. you'll methods to construct macros and crates and detect concurrency for multicore execution.

By the top of this e-book, you've gotten effectively migrated to utilizing Rust and should have the ability to use it as your major programming language.

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Sample text

This is often used when a function needs to return its value (see examples in the next chapter). Ending an expression with a semicolon like a + b; suppresses the value of an expression, thereby throwing away the return value and making it an expression statement that returns the unit value (). A code is usually a sequence of statements, one on each code line, and Rust has to know when a statement ends; this is why nearly every Rust code line ends with a semicolon. What do you think the assignment m = 42; is?

Age is {}", age); // Age is +18 [ 36 ] Chapter 3 As an exercise, try the following: 1. Try adding a ; (semi-colon) after +18 and -18, like this {"+18";} and find out what value will be printed for age. What happens if you type annotate age as &str? 2. See whether you can omit { } (the curly braces) if there is only one statement in the block. 3. " }; How would you correct this statement, if necessary? ) 4. ) Pattern matching, which we will examine in the next chapter, also branches code, but it does this based on the value of a variable.

We'll examine iterators in more detail in Chapter 5, Generalizing Code with Higher-order Functions and Parametrization. Functions The starting point of every Rust program is a fn function called main(), which can be further subdivided into separate functions to reuse code or for better code organization. Rust doesn't care about the order in which these functions are defined, but it is nice to put main() at the start of the code to get a better overview. Rust has incorporated many features of traditional functional languages; we will see examples of this in Chapter 5, Generalizing Code with Higher-order Functions and Parametrization.

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