Corrugated horns for microwave antennas by P.J.B. Clarricoats

By P.J.B. Clarricoats

Corrugated horns are primary and hugely effective, in particular of their use as feeds for microwave reflector antennas. This publication is dedicated to the speculation and layout of corrugated horns and scalar feeds and explains why hybrid mode feeds are excellent feeds for reflectors

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24 Corrugated monopulse feed and monopulse mode patterns corrugated feeds, with one exception. The exception is the so-called Potter horn [188], where a hybrid field is synthesised by the excitation of a T E n and TM n mode in correct amplitude and phase. Such a feed emulates the HE n mode of a corrugated feed, but over a limited bandwidth. Returning to multimode corrugated feeds per se, two principal applications exist: in one, higher modes are present to improve efficiency; in another, they provide tracking information.

37) Cylindrical corrugated waveguides 29 where q = 0 for HE l m modes and q = 2 for EH i m modes. 38) Dragone [56] has pointed out that, within the surface-impedance model, for larger o0 Fig. „ 2kr x ! 42) 30 Cylindrical corrugated waveguides and larger values of krl, the actual value of the surface impedance has less and less effect on the propagation behaviour of a fast hybrid mode. Eqn. 38 generally represents the lowest order asymptotic solution of eqn. 26 for HE l m modes. 2, containing eqns.

In common with the TEOi mode, t\mHz component is very small compared to the transverse components of electric and magnetic field which support the power flowing through the waveguide and furthermore, it decreases with increasing normalised waveguide radius. Since attenuation is proportional to the strength of the field tangential to the metal surface the attenuation is correspondingly low. All fields in the slot region of the corrugated waveguide are proportional to the strength Cylindrical corrugated waveguides 41 of the Hz field at the wall so, in spite of the increased wall area compared to a smooth wall waveguide, the attenuation is much lower.

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