Copper Tube Handbook by T. N. Thomson

By T. N. Thomson

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Use adequate ventilation. Refer to ANSI/ASC Z49 1 Safety in Welding and Cutting. 40 WORKING WITH COPPER TUBE IV. BENDING IV. BENDING Because of its exceptional formability, copper can be formed as desired at the job site. Copper tube, properly bent, will not collapse on the outside of the bend and will not buckle on the inside of the bend. Tests demonstrate that the bursting strength of a bent copper tube can actually be greater than it was before bending. Because copper is readily formed, expansion loops and other bends necessary in an assembly are quickly and simply made if the proper method and equipment are used.

In addition, copper tube used for Fuel Gas (Liquefied Petroleum (LP), Propane Gas or Natural Gas may be joined utilizing flared brass fittings of single 45┬║-flare type, according to NFPA 54/ANSI. 1 National Fuel Gas Code. All National Model Codes permit the use of flare joints, but it is important to check with the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) to determine acceptance for a specific application in any particular jurisdiction. A flare joint should be made with an appropriate tool such as those supplied by a number of tubing/piping tool manufacturers.

APPENDIX ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration & AirConditioning Engineers, Inc. org AWWA - American Water Works Association 6666 W. org CDA - Copper Developement Association Inc. org CGA- Compressed Gas Association, Inc. org PPFA - Plastic Pipe and Fitting Association 800 Roosevelt Road, Bldg. O. C. org IX.

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