Communal Dialects in Baghdad by Haim Blanc

By Haim Blanc

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Sound symbolism is the research of the connection among the sound of an utterance and its which means. during this interdisciplinary number of new reviews, twenty-four major students speak about the function of sound symbolism in a idea of language, drawing on quite a lot of linguistic information. The broad new examine offered the following finds that sound symbolism performs a much more major position in language than scholarship has hitherto famous.

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S. s. pronouns, apparently on ly as enclitics attached to a few particles: M/ liihi .. 1 'she is neither ... nor .. '; M/yiihu/ , fern. Iyahil pI. '. (b) The bound subject pronouns attached to the perfect base of verbs are listed below; the allomorphs appea rin g in the table are those that occur whe n no further suffixes are added: for alternants, see below. M Is. s. s. s. s. I pI. 2pl. 3pl. 52: sal/am + I :-'. ) greeted'. Other consonant IIllttal suffixes have similarly predictable effects, largely as to posihan hof stress.

S. s. s. s. Ipl. 2pl. 3pl. 33 below. The behavior of M/kuml and JCfkeml is analogous to that of C/ki f. s. s. object pronoun , we get: ~, C' 66 COMMUNAL DIALECTS IN BAGHDAD I, M J C abunu binu abunu b;+ H abu bi 'omm + H 'am ma 'ammu 'ammu abt'+H binu (v) It can be seen that J a nd C are, as rega rds object pronouns, much more similar to each other than either is to M. s. , the only difference between 1 a nd C is the in varia nt - /kil of C as agamst Ikl - Ikil in 1. h an inva riant - j kij is altogether rare;: In other areas.

Laxxl ' brother" Vabbl 'father' ; this is true alsQ of Iisen/, Isenij thIDg, less so of M/si/, C/se/. _ MC/xaway,. Ilxwat/ ; MJC/eseml 'name', plur. M/asiim i/, C/ase ml/ , MIl lsa ml/ ; MIC/ebenl 'son' is largely confined to use in sandhi lebnil 'my so n', (Jebn eHanl 'so-and-so's son'), plur. Ilbninl (MC pI. not noted). As for MC/benet/ , Ilbentl 'girl , daughter', plur. MC/ banat/ , J/bniit/, there is in M a more regular (and preferred) form Ibnayya/, for wh ich J has Ibnetij; I 04 Mlisanal 'year' and l C/magal 'woman' are truly biconsonantal, as is M/mara/, thou gh the latter has a preferred form Imrayyaf.

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