Characterization of composite materials by Evans, Charles A.; Ishida, Hatsuo; Brundle, C. Richard

By Evans, Charles A.; Ishida, Hatsuo; Brundle, C. Richard

Composite fabrics make their method into all elements of contemporary technological society, yet quite so for purposes requiring nice power and lightweight weight akin to within the aerospace undefined. simply because they're hybrid heterogeneous fabrics, they ca

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Indd 43 43 3/1/10 2:18 PM 3 NMR Imaging of Composites jack l. 1 Introduction Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), used as a quality evaluation technique, can lead to the improved manufacture and fabrication of engineering fiberreinforced composite systems. Due to the sophistication of the structure of composites and the complexity of the process and fabrication procedures, a test is required to assure the quality and integrity of the manufactured article. NMRI has the capability of measuring imperfections in finished articles by a noninvasive and nondestructive method.

When the experimental parameters are well controlled, SERS can then be used as an nondestructive probe in the study of interfacial behavior at the molecular level and without interference from the bulk materials. Moreover, information regarding orientation and bonding at the interface can be determined by making comparisons between the normal Raman and SERS spectra. 5 The significant changes in band positions and line widths can be correlated with the possible sites of adsorbed molecules bonding to the surfaces.

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