Carbon-14 in the Environment: Recommendations of the by National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

By National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

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The corresponding background would range from 5 to 25 counts/ min depending on the degree of the optimization of the system. A detailed discussion of liquid scintillation techniques is provided in other NCRP Reports (NCRP 1976, 1978) and by Bransome (1970), Dyer (1971), Crook et al. (1971, 1972), Crook and Johnson, (1974), Horrocks (1974) and Peng et al. (1980). The optimization of liquid scintillation counting for analysis of I4C in environmental samples resembles that for tritium. NCRP Reports Nos.

The other is the solubility of C02 in the ocean water which is mainly dictated by the concentration of C032- in the water. C02 (g) + C032- + H 2 0 + 2 Hc03- (4-4) It is the interrelationship of Eqs. (4-3) and (4-4) that controls the transfer of CO2 between the atmosphere and the surface layer of the ocean. 2 FLUXES / 33 tration in the surface layer of the ocean will double. This buffering factor of the surface ocean is related to the ratio of the sum of the concentration of C032- but increasing the concentration of HC03twice that of COB'-, thereby increasing the buffer factor.

1974; Krieger and Gold, 1973). Pfeifer et al. (1981) have improved the precision of gel suspension using Ca14C03. , 1983). The suspension of solids in liquid scintillation is associated with inherent inaccuracies. The non-uniform distribution of solids resulting from settling or other causes introduces inaccuracies in the measurement. In addition, because the size of the particles is not uniform and cannot be necessarily reproduced in various experiments, changes in light conductivity and self absorption introduce uncertainties in analytical results.

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