Capacitively-Coupled Chopper Amplifiers by Qinwen Fan, Kofi A. A. Makinwa, Johan H. Huijsing

By Qinwen Fan, Kofi A. A. Makinwa, Johan H. Huijsing

This ebook describes the idea that and layout of the capacitively-coupled chopper method, which might be utilized in precision analog amplifiers. Readers will discover ways to layout power-efficient amplifiers utilizing this system, that are powered by means of usual low provide voltage similar to 2V and doubtless having a +/-100V enter common-mode voltage enter. The authors offer either easy layout strategies and certain layout examples, which hide the realm of either operational and instrumentation amplifiers for a number of functions, fairly in energy administration and biomedical circuit designs.

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The SC integrator built around Gm5 contributes noise, which includes both the noise of Gm5 and the KT/C noise of the switches. However, this noise can often be neglected. This is because when referred to the output of the integrator, this noise will be shaped by a sinc function [8] and thus exhibit much more noise in low frequencies and much less noise in high frequencies. The noise at low frequencies is then suppressed by a rather small Gm4, up-modulated by CHout, and then filtered by the integrator built around Gm2 and Gm3.

7 V below ground. In this way, the chopper switches can safely be operated at CM voltages ranging from −30 V to 100 V. The voltages between any two terminals (gate, drain, source, and bulk), however, must be restricted to less than 5 V. To conclude, both DMOS and floating HV NMOS transistors can be used as HV chopper switches. However, when large negative CM voltages are expected, only floating HV NMOS transistors can be used. 2 V Vds) of DMOS transistors. The threshold voltage of DMOS transistors is also higher than that of the floating HV NMOS transistors.

They both achieve wide input common-mode voltage range (CMVR) and high precision. The first opamp employs a single-path architecture and features high power efficiency and simplicity. The second opamp is more complex and employs a multipath architecture. Thus, it is less power efficient, but has a wider bandwidth and a smoother transfer function. 1 Introduction An opamp is a basic building block of analog circuit design and is often used to implement instrumentation amplifiers (IAs), integrators, filters, comparators, and so on.

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