Bulk Carrier Practice: A Practical Guide by Jack Isbester

By Jack Isbester

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It is also essential that the stability information possesses text written in the language of the ship's officers or in one with which they are thoroughly familiar. Sections such as General Principles and Special Notes Regarding the Stability and Loading of the Ship must be properly understood. Tank calibration tables: These are tables which show for each of the ship's tanks the volume of liquid which corresponds to the sounding obtained. Calibrations are required for all ballast, fresh water, engine water, fuel oil and diesel oil tanks, and for ballast holds.

Stevedore damage is usually settled directly between the owner and the stevedore, with agreed assistance from the charterer. Under a time charter the stevedore is usually the servant of the charterer, so stevedore damage is ultimately the charterer's responsibility. However, most C/Ps state that written notice of liability must be tendered by the ship to the party causing damage within 24 hours of the occurrence, and it may be practical and indeed necessary for the master to deal with the matter on the spot.

Expected costs include commissions, fuel, port charges, insurance payments and payment for despatch. The anticipated time at sea, time in port, fuel consumption, fuel costs and port charges are summarised towards the bottom of the form. The voyage estimate shows net earnings of US$8,929 per day. The calculations show that the voyage would be profitable if the ship's daily running costs (or overheads) were less than that figure. The fixing of any charter is normally a process of negotiation, and it is likely that proposals and counterproposals will pass between the brokers representing the charterer and the owner before the final terms of the charter party are agreed.

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