Brazing handbook by American Welding Society. Committee on Brazing and Soldering

By American Welding Society. Committee on Brazing and Soldering

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2, Miami: American Welding Society. 004 JOINT THICKNESS, in. 5 in. 7 mm) Diameter Drill Rod Induction Brazed in a Dry Atmosphere of 10% H2-90% N2 (No Flux Used) Base Material. The chemistry of the base materials often includes one or more elements in varying quantities whose oxide is not easily dissociated in a specific atmosphere or by a specific mineral flux. Since the metal oxide dissociation of a given base metal by a specific flux or protective atmosphere is dependent on many factors,8 it is important to match the proper clearance with the brazing process and flux or atmosphere.

Zur Geschichte der Loettechnik, Germany: Dedussa AG. Kelly, F. C. 1939. Properties of brazed 12% chrome steel—Part 2. Iron Age (November 9). Kelly, F. C. 1939. Properties of brazed 12% chrome steel—Part 1. Iron Age (November 2). Kingery, W. D. 1956. Role of surface energies and wetting in metal-ceramic sealing. Ceramic Bulletin 35(3): 108–112. 17. The dates of publication given for the codes and other standards listed here were current at the time this chapter was prepared. The reader is advised to consult the latest edition.

003 in. 076 mm). Larger clearances can be filled using (1) filler metals that have a wide liquidus-to-solidus range and (2) a brazing temperature between the liquidus and solidus. Although this technique is often helpful in experimental applications, it is not recommended for production applications for two reasons. It is difficult to control, and the joints with the larger clearances have lower load-carrying capacity. The purity of a protective atmosphere, as measured by the ability to dissociate the oxides of a specific base metal in the brazement, also influences the clearance requirement.

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