Being Female: The Continuum of Sexualization by Jennifer K. Wesely

By Jennifer K. Wesely

It's always acknowledged that intercourse sells, yet who will pay the associated fee? Jennifer Wesely probes the assets and results of sexualization in women and girls s lives. supplying new insights into an everlasting challenge, she records the more and more pervasive and robust nature of raunch tradition and demonstrates how women are being sexualized in ways in which are extra severe and harmful than ever sooner than.

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Instead, adolescent girls become the pornified sexual performance in ways that have very real, damaging consequences on their bodies and their psyches. Later chapters will speak in greater depth about these effects. qxd:Brasfield 11/4/11 2:39 PM Page 33 3 The Processes of Sexualization I knew it was wrong because I didn’t like it. You know, when you don’t know it’s wrong you feel good about it, but that made me feel dirty. I mean, and I tried to not be pretty. I would wear my hair straight. I had big beautiful green eyes and I always wished I had black eyes.

The emphasis on and preoccupation with the female body and its appearance are bound up in identity meanings. When these meanings are so woefully mismanaged by the social influences and institutions in a girl’s life it is no wonder the (embodied) identity becomes confused. The confused body falls short of the possibilities opened up by the postmodern feminist notions of gender performance noted earlier in this chapter. Even though the pornified sexual image is an artificial construction, adolescent girls are provided fewer and fewer tools to see around it, beyond it, or through it.

Fewer alternatives and opportunities and thinner decisional avenues are available to poor girls than to their more affluent counterparts” (Schaffner 2006, p. 59). Vulnerability to predatory men, less access to legal protection, and limited resources are all ways in which poverty can affect outcomes for girls (Schaffner 2006). Racism and racial inequality also shape risks for girls in a highly sexualized society and can intersect with other oppressions. Scholars such as Raphael (2004), Schaffner (2006), and Miller (2008) discuss this in light of the disadvantaged populations of girls and young women they study.

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