Automatic Controls for Heating and Air Conditioning. by K. M. Letherman, N. S. Billington

By K. M. Letherman, N. S. Billington

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The sling Psychrometer consists of a wooden or plastic frame holding two identical mercuryin-glass thermometers, one of which has a muslin wick covering the bulb. The other end of the wick is immersed in water in a small plastic container. The frame has a pivoted handle so that the thermometers may be rotated in the air. The technique is first to ensure that the water is being carried along the length of the wick by capillary action and properly wetting the bulb. The Psychrometer is then swung round for a minute or so and the two thermometer readings taken.

2. 2 give values of time constants. These are adapted from Reference 1 (Adams and Holmes, 1977). 1 PNEUMATIC CONTROL - AIR SUPPLY Pneumatic control systems use compressed air to supply energy for the operation of sensors, motors, actuators, e t c Compressed air is not normally available in most buildings as a matter of course, in the way that single-phase electric mains power is available. The air supply has to be specially installed where pneumatic controllers are to be used. Plant room space has to be provided for the compressor and the purchase and installation of the compressor and distribution pipework will add to the total cost of the system.

It needs to have some arrangement for adjustment of set point and proportional band. It therefore has to be incorporated into a complete controller.

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