Aristophanes: The Acharnians, the Clouds, the Knights, the by Aristophanes, Benjamin B Rogers

By Aristophanes, Benjamin B Rogers

Ebook by means of Aristophanes

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XOP05. rfjSe TTds eVou, St'coKe, tov /cat dvSpa TTVvdnvov r(x)v oSoLTTopcov aTTavTCov • rfj TToAei yap d^LOV dAAa fiot fjirjvv- ^vXXa^elv TOV dvhpa rovrov. 205 aare, et ns otS' OTTOL rerpaTTrai yrjs o rds aTTOvhds (f>€pajv. eKTTeevy* , otxerai (f)pov8os. otfioc rdXas rwv erdiv rcov ificov • eV ovK dv inrjs [o^P 210 • ye veorrjTos, or* eyco (f>epcov dvdpaKcxJV (jiopriov rjKoXovdovv OayAAw rpex(Jtiv, SSe ^auAcoj dv 6 215 a7TovSo6pos ovTos utt' ifiov Tore SicoKOfievos ovh e^e

EUR. DI. This poor old Oeneus * came upon the stage ? Not Oeneus, no a wretcheder man than he. Those that blind Phoenix f wore ? v. » King of Calydon, deprived of his throne by his nephews. ' According to this legend P. was accused by his father Amyntor of seducing his mistress and blinded by him. <* 43 . ARISTOPHANES aAA ET. erepos OoiVt/coj ddXtcorepos. ; 425 AI. ovK, dXXa TOVTOV TToXi) TToXv TTTajxicrrepov ET. aAA' rj rd Sv&Tnvfj deXets TreTrAcu/xaTa a BeAAepo^oi/TTjS" et;^' d ;;^a>Ads' ovroai; AI.

MHTHP. Karddov ro Kavovv, fS Ovyarep, Iv* dirTTpotro) 's ap^cop^eda. eTFATHP. tv* c5 p,rJT€p, dvdSos Sevpo rrjv irv^pvatv, ervos Kara)(€0} rovXarrjpos tovtovL " (xxolfos = Schoenus mucronatus, the Dagger-pointed Bulrush, common on all the coasts of the Mediterranean. The spike is supposed to run well up (^7r/KW7ros=" up to the hilt ") into the heels of the Lacedaemonians as they trample down the vines. * There is a play on Pallene, or Pellene, a famous Attic deme. 26 245 THE ACHARNIANS, Who has pledged 226-246 Faith with those are evermore my foes Who Upon whom War I ; make For my ruilied vineyard's sake ne'er From the strife Will give o'er, No, I ne'er Will forbear, Till I pierce them in return, ; And Like a I Sharply barbed Dagger-pointed, and they learn Not to tread Down my vines Any more.

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