Ardennes 1944 Peiper And Skorzeny by Jean-Paul Pallud

By Jean-Paul Pallud

Книга Osprey Elite №11. Ardennes - 1944 Peiper and Skorzeny Osprey Elite №11. Ardennes - 1944 Peiper and Skorzeny Книги Исторические Автор: J.-P.Pallud Формат: pdf Издат.:Osprey Страниц: sixty four Размер: 35 Mb ISBN: 0850457408 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Сериявоенных книгElite от Osprey

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There is no shock absorber. On suitable ground and from a low altitude, "provisions bombs" may be dropped without parachutes. Even ordinary sacks of provisions are so dropped. q. Heavy Equipment Dropped by Parachute Much heavy parachute-borne equipment may be thrown out the door of the Ju-52, with or without a special container. Bicycles, stretchers, small flame-throwers, mines, large mortars, light artillery pieces, and perhaps motorcycles may be dropped. The 28/20-mm AT gun, model 41,2 has been dropped complete and ready for action, on wheels, in a container.

This altitude, under normal conditions and with the loaded DFS-230 glider, would permit a gliding range of about 8 to 10 miles. However, all estimates as to gliding ranges are very uncertain, and subject to revision. Init per min) Take-off distance (ft) Ju-52--fuel, 530 gals plus 1-ton payload. 1 Glider DFS-230_ . 1, 110 1, 410 -------- Mean speed with Rlder (in mph) and altitude (in ft) 850 100/5,000 750 . 2, 700 350 1, 000 110/ 610 340 990 110/5,000 160 380 468 110/5,000 2, 760 900 500 140/10,000 2, 310 980 520 140/10,000 Ju-52--fuel, 530 gals: 1 Glider DFS-230___ 3 Gliders DFS-230___--_ --Ju-52--fuel, 1,060 gals: 1 Glider DFS-230 _ 3 Gliders DFS-230 2 Ju-52-fuel, 1,060 gals each.

H. Gas Mask Of normal type, this is carried in a special canvas container. The new gas mask (Gas'maske 40) is made of pure and very strong rubber. An antigas cape of oilcloth is also taken. i. Identifications The parachutist's badge, worn low on the left breast, is a diving eagle, golden-colored, in a wreath of oak and bay of oxidized silver color; the eagle holds a swastika in its claws. ) This badge is not worn except at home stations. An identity disc is carried; but pay-books (Soldbiicher) are handed in on leaving home stations, and 28 ENEMY AIR-BORNE FORCES a camouflaged identity card (Tarnausweis or Feindflugausweis) is taken instead.

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