AR-15/M16 super systems by Bill Holmes

By Bill Holmes

I recieved this ebook as a present from a relative who intended good, yet used to be now not very gun savvy...

This publication sufers from the 'need to place out one other name syndrome.' In impression, not anything during this booklet is of worth- the ameliorations are flights of fancy or hack task paintings. simple looking out on the net will educate you extra approximately development or upgrading the AR-15 platform than this publication. also, it truly is rife with inaccuracies and/or undesirable thoughts to do ameliorations to the AR-15.

Morevover, this publication is at the very least a decade and a part old-fashioned. the various businesses indexed as elements resources (Rhino platforms for instance) were into chapter 11 for a decade, and it does not even deal with the A3 flattop configuartion that's the usual nowadays. it's visible that the booklet is simply a reprint of whatever from circa 1987 with out re-editing ro re-writing.

Finally, a number of the chapters simply learn as one mammoth commercial for this corporation or that product, very similar to the present articles in lots of gun magazines. it truly is seen Duncan lengthy gave gleaming experiences of goods in alternate at no cost samples of these products.

In brief, this publication is a waste of cash. If now not for the very fact it was once a gift i might most likely toss it out. which will know about the AR-15 there are various much better assets in print and on the internet.

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0 max 50 400 70 20 1,000 contents LAND FORCES WEAPONS INFANTRY WEAPONS R O S O B O R O contents N E X P O R T 63 contents 30mm AGS-17 GRENADE LAUNCHERS INFANTRY WEAPONS Automatic Grenade Launcher Mission The 30mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher is designed to engage enemy manpower and light weapon systems, both exposed and protected. Features The weapon fires the 30mm VOG-17M and VOG-30 impact-fuse fragmentation rounds. Ammunition is fed from a 29-round metal link belt box, mounted on the right-hand side.

The 3UBK20 separate-loading round consists of the 9M119M guided missile and 9Kh949 propellant booster section. The 9Kh949 propellant booster section is designed to ensure correct settling of the missile in the bore, impart initial velocity to it, and provide contact of the missile’s launch circuits with the tank’s equipment feeding commands. The missile carries a tandem shaped-charge warhead comprising the precursor charge to set off ERA and the main charge to punch through the main armour. The missile features a jam-proof, semi-auto- 100mm 3UBK10M-3 Round with 9M117M Guided Missile The 9M117M missile has a tandem shaped-charge warhead consisting of the precursor charge to detonate ERA and the main charge to defeat the main armour.

BMM GAZ-59039 Armoured Medical Vehicle The BMM GAZ-59039 armoured medical vehicle is designed to search for, collect, and evacuate the wounded from the battlefield, NBC contaminated areas, to provide emergency medical assistance during transportation in various climate and weather conditions, as well as to be used as a mobile dressing ward manned by a team of doctors. The BMM vehicle, based on the BTR-80 APC, is capable of operating on rugged terrain by day and night in any season. 5 x 2 m tent deployed separately or in combination with the BMM to form a medical operational unit.

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