Analytical Determination of Nicotine and Related Compounds by J.W. Gorrod, P. Jacob III

By J.W. Gorrod, P. Jacob III

This e-book offers for the 1st time a unmarried complete resource of knowledge at the analytical chemistry of nicotine and comparable alkaloids. The editors have introduced jointly scientists from academia and the tobacco to explain the cutting-edge of the chemistry and analytical equipment for size of nicotine. either the scope and element of the ebook are extraordinary. Chapters describe the historical past, pharmacology and toxicology of nicotine, the biosynthesis of nicotine and different alkaloids within the tobacco plant, the overall chemistry of nicotine and the analytical methodologies which have been used to degree nicotine and comparable alkaloids in organic specimens, in tobacco and pharmaceutical items and in tobacco smoke. there's additionally a accomplished overview of the chemistry and toxicology of nicotine-derived nitrosamines, a massive category of tobacco cancer causing agents.

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Not as the result of removing apical dominance, but rather as the result of leaf damage. Such increases are thought to confer a survival advantage on the plant against herbivory. Evidence has appeared that nicotine production is probably only part of a portfolio of defensive responses by the genus Nicotiana, comprising (at least) "... alkaloids, phenolics, proteinase inhibitors, PR (pathogenesis response) proteins, and sesquiterpenoid phytoalexins" (see [81]). An engaging account of these and related induced responses in other plants is given in 'Induced Responses to Herbivory' [82].

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