Aluminum extrusion technology by Pradip Saha

By Pradip Saha

Offers a finished creation to the explosion of knowledge that has turn into on hand within the box of aluminum extrusion expertise over the past fifteen or 20 years. DLC: Aluminum--Extrusion.

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Thomsen et al. (Ref 7) have shown an analysis by using a uniform energy method, slab analysis, and slip-line field theory. Altan et al. (Ref 17) have performed a slab method analysis to determine the extrusion pressure. The following considerations were used in making the analysis: • • • • Extrusion using a cylindrical billet through a flat die Extrusion shape equivalent to a rod of diameter DE Frictional shear stress at the dead-metal/flowing metal interface Frictional shear stress at the billet-container interface Consider the static equilibrium of the forces acting on the shaded element within the dead-metal zone area as shown in Fig.

40 / Aluminum Extrusion Technology prior to extrusion. This type of probe requires constant maintenance to provide accurate temperature measurements. These probes are subjected to high temperatures, constant oxidation, and subsequent tip wear. Other issues affecting the accuracy of the probe-type thermocouples surface when the probe is not properly seated on the billet surface (both induction- and gas-fired types) or when the probe points span across two adjacent billets (gas-fired type). An additional concern are the intermittent temperature readings for control, which occur when there is no billet in the zone or the probe is retracted (gas-fired type).

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