African Postcolonial Modernity: Informal Subjectivities and by Sanya Osha (auth.)

By Sanya Osha (auth.)

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6 However, it isn’t just the production of ambivalence with which one is concerned. Rather, one is concerned with the existential and epistemological contexts that have given way to the partial institutionalization of processes of informalization as a way of life. By the partial institutionalization of informalization, I do not mean social and economic practices become formalized in the conventional way. Instead, I focus on the mechanisms and practices by which informalization become more globalized.

25 This tremendous environmental stress is already causing civil disorder in many parts of Africa. This complex of overloading has telling implications. 26 Even the quest to link up with global circuits of capital is undermined by the various stresses of social and demographic excess. Eloquent commentaries have been written on the contradictory nature of global capital: A “new international” is being sought through these crises of international law; it already denounces the limits of a discourse on human rights that will remain inadequate, sometimes hypocritical, and in any case formalistic and inconsistent with itself as long as the law of the market, the “foreign debt”, the inequality of techno-scientific, military, and economic development maintain an effective inequality as monstrous as that which prevails today, to a greater extent than ever in the history of humanity.

In addition, the feeble technologies of surveillance functioning within various sectors of Nigerian society have never prevented tropes of liminality from upsetting established orders of social behavior. In fact, the question of what is normative in the Nigerian context can be problematic by virtue of the fact that the country is an amalgam of diverse nationalities with a multiplicity of tendencies and thus is often viewed to be on the brink of dissolution. Indeed, the beauty pageant crisis had national repercussions because even the late (former) first lady of the nation, Stella Obasanjo, had been involved in organizing the event and gave her support.

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