Advanced Applied Stress Analysis by C.T.F. Ross

By C.T.F. Ross

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1 VERTICAL SHEARING STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN A RECTANGULAR SECTION Calculate and sketch the vertical shearing stress distdbution in a horizontal beam of rectangular section, subjected to a transverse vertical shearing force F, as shown in Fig. 6. 1), vertical shearing stress at any point y from NA (Fig. 7) FlvdA bI arl Fig. 7. Rectangular section. Now, I : BD3l12 and for this case, b:B Therefore, l) xF I Dl2 r:--^. 3) can be seen to vary parabolically, having a maximum value at NA, and being zero at the top and bottom.

16. Complex section. 1, where the symbols are as dehned 1. -3 Ch. :No,+ . 8 MN/m'? e. 1 EXAMPLE Calculate and sketch the distribution of vertical and horizbntal shearing stresses, due to bendin& which occur on a beam with the cross-section shown in Fig. 17, when it is subjected to a vertical shearing force of30kN through its centoid. 01 _t_ T Fig. 17. Beam cross-section. 63 Yertical Sh€oring Str€ss At the top of the tlange, J Y'd'{ = o therefore tr:0 t2 NA t Ch. 1), it can be seen that the maximum shear stress, namely t, occurs where $y'dA)lb is a maximum, which in this case is at NA.

2), it can be seen that the horizontal shearing stress va es linearly along the Ilanges of the RSJ, from zero at the free edges to a maximum value iF at the centre. and. 5 A Dlot of the vertical and horizontal shearins stresses is shown in Fie. 18. 18. d horizotrtal shearing stress distributioN MN/m2). 6 SHEARING IN A CHA}[\EL BAR STRESS DISTRIBUTION Calculate and sketch the distribution of vertical and horizontal shear stress, in the channel bar of Fig. 19, when it is subjected to a vertical shearing force of 30 kN.

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