A–Z of Clinical Chemistry: A Guide for the Trainee by W. Hood

By W. Hood

The newcomer to the sector of scientific chemistry is confronted with the daunting prospect of knowing the ever expanding elements of the topic: new options, exams, terminology, tools of diagnosing ailments and different advances which relate to medical chemistry. the purpose of this ebook is to supply easy information about all branches of the topic which the trainee might want to comprehend. The e-book also needs to offer a foundation for answering a number of the exam questions of scientific chemistry. it truly is as a result was hoping that this publication will turn out beneficial to any one beginning a occupation in scientific chemistry, be that individual a laboratory medical officer, graduate or trainee pathologist. anyplace attainable, feedback for additional studying are given. Many topics are so vast despite the fact that that the reader is spoke of the final checklist of analytical and scientific textbooks provided on the finish of the ebook. My thankful thank you are prolonged to the 3 women who typed this manuscript: Christine Cliffe, Margaret Donnelly and Judith Hardy. i need to thank Dr Brian knowledge of Queens collage, Belfast for his feedback at the access "Enzyme-immunoassay". ultimately my thank you visit Mr Martin Lister of MTP Press for his support and encouragement during this enterprise. W. H. ASHTON-UNDER-L YNE APRIL 1980 vii A ABETALIPOPROTEINAEMIA an extraordinary hereditary ailment within which there's a whole absence of j3-lipoprotein, pre:f3-1ipoprotein and chylomicrons. It provides clinically as ataxia and malabsorption with steatorrhoea. Thorny formed erythrocytes (acanthocytes) are a function of the disease.

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4) By use of the enzyme glutamate dehydrogenase which converts 2-oxoglutarate and ammonia to glutamate, with a concomitant oxidation of NADH to NAD which can be followed spectrophotometrically. 2-oxoglutarate NH4 + NAD + ~ glutamate + H 20 + NAD Further reading: General list of clinical and analytical textbooks AMMONIUM CHLORIDE LOADING TEST A test which measures the ability of the kidney to secrete an acid urine. The ammonium ion (NH4 + ) behaves as an acid because it dissociates to ammonia and H+ .

BIURET REACTION A reaction between the peptide bonds of proteins and cupric ions in alkaline solution to form a coloured chelated complex of unknown composition. Because an analagous reaction takes place between cupric ions and the organic compound biuret (NHz-CO-NH-CO-NH z) the reaction is referred to as the biuret reaction. The intensity of the colour produced is proportional to the number of peptide bonds reacting and it can therefore be used as a method of protein quantitation. See also: proteins BLIND LOOP SYNDROME A condition in which there is stagnation of intestinal contents which aids bacterial multiplication in the small intestine.

The testes secrete testosterone while the main adrenal androgens are de hydroepiandrosterone and androstenedione. Urinary 17-oxosteroid estimations give an indication of androgen production. See also: 17-oxosteroids, testosterone ANDROSTANEDIOL An androgen produced in peripheral tissue from testosterone. ANDROSTENEDIONE An intermediate in the synthesis of testosterone. Together with dehydroepiandrosterone it is one of the principal androgens secreted by the adrenal gland. 30 ANDROSTERONE ANDROSTERONE One of the end products of androgen metabolism.

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