A Common Operating Picture For Air Force Materiel by Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don

By Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don Snyder, Patrick Mills

Describes a possible universal working approach (COP) for the Air strength materiel sustainment method (MSS). The authors first strengthen a COP in accordance with the foundations of effects-based measures, schwerpunkt (organizational focus), determination rights, and a nonmarket financial framework, then they observe the COP to depot-level reparable part sustainment to demonstrate how the COP might increase total MSS potency and responsiveness.

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Decisionmaking capacity 3. appropriate incentives. In the ideal circumstance, a single agency might have all three factors. Often, they do not. As hinted above, it may be possible to create a COP that would include all the MOEIs about how well an organization is progressing toward its ultimate effectiveness goal for a particular class of decisions. If that is the case, why not centralize that decisionmaking? The answer lies in the three factors identified above. 2 See the appendix for a summary of the key elements of this research area.

To return to the business example, MOEIs may take the form of customer surveys, prototype mockups, and focus groups during the research and design stage, product design and testing during the early production stage, and comparisons of actual against forecast sales and costs once production commences. None of the MOEIs provides an indication of ultimate profitability of the product line, but they provide important feedback that can refine the product, sharpen the advertising and distribution campaign, reduce production costs, or even terminate the product line before more good money is sent after bad.

Thus, an individual may believe that a given action would be “a good thing,” but fail to act accordingly, because a spouse, relative, or friend might disapprove. CHAPTER FOUR An Example: Common Operating Pictures for the Materiel Sustainment System This chapter has two purposes. First, we illustrate how one might apply Chapter Three’s methodology to design a common operating picture and the organizational relationships it supports. S. Air Force materiel sustainment activities that affect aircraft— ranging from component maintenance to aircraft depot maintenance to aircraft modifications.

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