A branch-reduce-cut algorithm for the global optimization of by Cheon M.

By Cheon M.

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Color is one of those concepts that everyone thinks they understand, but that is really more complex than it first appears. Since two people can have very different mental images of what “blue” looks like, there are several methods of defining precise colors. All are three-dimensional ­systems. Colors on computer and tele­vision screens are defined by combinations of red, green, and blue (RGB), but paint and printing ink are defined by mixing cyan, magenta, and yellow (CMYK, where K denotes black).

5 Encoding by position along a common scale enables high perceptual accuracy of extraction. Is one line longer? Mark a common length. Compare right segments. Add a common frame. Compare right gaps. 6 Judging lengths of nonaligned lines. mental images even without seeing the object; psychologists call this mental imagery (Pylyshyn 1973). These images can be rotated and otherwise manipulated just as if they had been directly perceived, although they may not be remembered accurately (Kosslyn 1995).

2008. Visual thinking for design. Burlington, MA: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. Wilkinson, L. 2005. The grammar of graphics. 2nd ed. New York: Springer. Applications of Visualization Theory Brewer, C. A. 2005. Designing better maps: A guide for GIS users. Redlands, CA: ESRI Press. Few, S. C. 2009.

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