A branch-and-bound algorithm for discrete multi-factor by Niu Shu-fen, Wang Guo-xin, Sun Xiao-ling

By Niu Shu-fen, Wang Guo-xin, Sun Xiao-ling

During this paper, a brand new branch-and-bound set of rules in line with the Lagrangian twin leisure and non-stop rest is proposed for discrete multi-factor portfolio choice version with roundlot restrict in monetary optimization. This discrete portfolio version is of integer quadratic programming difficulties. The separable constitution of the version is investigated by utilizing Lagrangian leisure and twin seek. Computational effects exhibit that the set of rules is in a position to fixing real-world portfolio issues of information from US inventory industry and randomly generated attempt issues of as much as a hundred and twenty securities.

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Besides, an interesting point would be to study the influence of modeling on the solution, that is, how the performance of S MART MOBILE depends on the number of transmission elements and variables for the same mechanical system. As a further improvement of the efficiency of VAL E NC IA-IVP, an exclusion strategy for subintervals resulting from overestimation will be implemented which is based on a consistency test by backward integration of parts of the validated state enclosures determined by the present version of this program [RAH06].

Interval arithmetic and extended interval arithmetic based on csets (BIAS) Fig. 1. A tentative hierarchical structure Level 0 – Basic Interval Arithmetic: Interval arithmetic including 1. Constructors, 2. Arithmetic operations, 3. Comparison operators, 4. Input/output, and 5. Elementary functions. F. Corliss et al. Level 0 should be consistent with a C++ interval arithmetic standard, such as that proposed by proposed by Br¨ onnimann, Melquiond, and Pion (BMP) [13], should a suitable standard be adopted.

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