09.Circuits and Systems for Video Technology by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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In addition, HDTV will be digital, where the television scan lines will also be sampled horizontally in time and digitized. Such sampling will produce an array of approximately 1000 lines and as many as 2000 pixels per line. If the height/width ratio of the TV raster is equal to the number of scan line/number of samples per line, the array is referred to as having ‘‘square pixels,’’ that is, the electron beam is spaced equally in the horizontal and vertical direction, or has a square shape. This facilitates digital image processing as well as computer synthesis of images.

4(b), ISO (International Standard Organization) developed a second standard known colloquially as MPEG-2 and officially as ISO 13818. Since the resolution of entertainment TV is approximately four times that of videophone, the bit rate chosen for optimizing MPEG-2 was 4 Mbps. SUMMARY A brief survey of digital television has been presented in this article. Digitizing television, and compressing it to manageable bit rate, creates significant advantages and major disruption in existing television systems.

The next section describes one example of such a codec. A COMPRESSION SCHEME In this section we describe a compression scheme that combines the previous basic techniques to satisfy the requirements that follow. Three basic types of redundancy are exploited in the video compression process. Motion compensation removes temporal redundancy, two-dimensional DCT removes spatial redundancy, and perceptual weighting removes amplitude irrelevancy by putting quantization noise in less visible areas. Temporal processing occurs in two stages.

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